Horatio Lafluffyette

Noticing that Horatio was significantly larger than his brother and sister, I anticipated that the way to earn his affection would be through food.

I was right.

As he and his sister became better hiders, and they refused to come out when we were in the room, I decided it was time for some tough love, as suggested by several kitten fostering websites.  The kittens are now on a twice daily feeding schedule.  The food bowls are put out for an hour in the morning before I go to work and an hour after I get home from work.  The key is that I’m in the room the whole time, in view of the kittens.  It only took one feeding for Horatio to figure out that I wasn’t so bad.  After an evening of not eating, Horatio promptly greeted me the next morning asking for food.  He accepted treats from my hand.  And he voluntarily let me scratch his chin and behind his ears.

Now that he realizes I am the gate keeper of food, he accepts my attention and love.  He purrs when I pet him.  We’re definitely friends.  I’m so glad he and I have taken our relationship to the next level.


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