Mirabelle Fluffybutt

2 months after I moved to NC with Cookie, I realized I was working a lot of hours.  I was concerned that she was lonely (apparently I had a brain lapse about the behavior with my parents’ cats).  I started searching local shelters for fully declawed cats.  Since Cookie didn’t have any claw defenses, I didn’t want the new cat to have that advantage and cause all sorts of dominance issues.  I eventually came across sweet, 10 year old Mirabelle.  When I went to see her in the shelter, she was facing the back of her cage, looked over her shoulder and in her glance I could tell she thought to herself “you’re not going to want me either.”  After meeting her and seeing how curious and loving she was outside of the cage, I knew I had to make her part of my little family!Mirabelle is now 15, and is our little old lady.  She’s gentle and will let you know when she needs attention with a soft tap of her paw.  Otherwise she is always napping somewhere nearby.  She only displays aggressive behavior if you are eating ice cream.  You have to watch out if you’re in the same room as Mirabelle and eating ice cream.  She will demand her fair share in a not so polite manner.  It’s quite entertaining.  We love our little fluffy girl and do our best to give her all the belly rubs and chin scratches she deserves!

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