Cookie Monster

When I graduated from college, I knew I was moving to a strange state with no friends or family within hundreds of miles of me.  I needed a companion, and I had every intention of adopting a cat when I got to North Carolina.   When I mentioned this plan to my mom, she immediately offered up one of the newer cats in her house.  This particular cat had been abandoned 9 months earlier by a family down the street when they moved and decided not to take her with them.  This poor kitty was fully declawed!  Front and back!  A kid in the neighborhood brought the cat to my parents’ doorstep after she’d been outside a few months.  She announced that the cats’ name was Cookie and she needed a home.  My mom, being the softie she is, took the cat into her home.  The only problem was that this cat did NOT get along with the cats already living in the house.  Daphne, a large gray and white sweet cat, bears a hole in her ear as evidence of these fights.  When she was alone, Cookie was affectionate almost to the point of annoying.  I took my mom up on her offer to take Cookie with me to North Carolina!  It wasn’t going to get any cheaper or easier than taking a cat from my parents who I knew was already spayed, declawed, and up to date on all of her shots.  She was 2 years old in 2006 when we moved to NC together.In our 5 years together, I can tell you the following things about Cookie-she craves human attention.  Good, bad, whatever.  She just wants to be the center of your world.  She is a constant snuggler.  She and my husband had a rocky start when he stole her side of the bed.  We have since settled this issue by giving her ⅓ of the bed.  She seems to be satisfied well enough by this arrangement.  She loves Cheez-its and salad.  She also demands to sit on the glass walled porch during the day so she can observe the copious amounts of bird, squirrel and bunny activity in our Kansas yard.  She would be perfectly happy if I carried her around in my arms all day long.  Cookie is a constant source of comfort and love!  Her demands for affection could never possibly be met, but we do what we can to keep her happy!
Mirabelle’s introduction will be tomorrow!


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