Let the fun begin!

We have begun our adventure of fostering kittens for the Riley County Humane Society!I want to spend my first post discussing why this particular cause is important to me.  Growing up we always had pets.  They were always some sort of stray or shelter animal.  My parents stressed the importance of taking in animals at shelters who needed homes before considering buying a pet from a breeder.  I’ve always been very aware of animals who are homeless and in need of love and shelter!  My own pets have been a huge source of joy in my life.  I hope by supporting the Humane Society, I give other families the opportunity to adopt animals and experience the same joy I have experienced with my own shelter/stray pets!

Becoming part of the Riley County Humane Society Foster program is an experience I am so excited about.  Fostered animals have a much greater chance of being adopted and staying with their first adopting family.  Fostered animals are socialized, potty trained, and well evaluated.  I am looking forward to getting to know the kittens who will come through our home.  I hope my love and patience will help them to trust humans and become ready for their future family!

Tomorrow, I’ll start introducing our resident cats, Cookie Monster and Mirabelle Fluffybutt.


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