Are You Their Mother?

I have 2 kittens at home who I have not yet introduced because I haven’t been able to get a decent picture of them!  They were trapped outside with their mama and are still incredibly nervous and shy.  But mama cat was obviously someone’s indoor kitty and then got dumped!  She is incredibly sweet and friendly.  VERY affectionate.  She was in another foster home with her babies until they were ready to be separated.  Two of her kittens were brought to me and now she’s at Petco charming everyone who comes by to visit her!  Hopefully Annie gets adopted soon!  I would be very surprised if she goes the whole weekend without getting one adoption application.  Any guesses as to what her babies look like?


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Meet Cinder.  She is 6 years old and has been part of the foster program for a significant amount of time.  She came to RCHS as a kitty who would bite and lash out unpredictably.  We speculate she was mistreated by children in her first home, making her nervous and aggressive.

She has greatly improved from initial intake, but she needed to make more progress to be adoptable.  She is at my house in hopes that she will become more trusting and calm.  She is a gorgeous long haired, fluffy kitty who meows at me demanding attention the second I come in the foster room.  She seems to really crave attention, but she perhaps becomes overstimulated after too much petting.  I’m still learning her signs and sounds for what types of affection she is comfortable with.  She has only swiped, not even attempted to bite since she arrived.  She lets me pet her for longer periods of time each time I visit the foster room.  I’m really enjoying my time with her!

Does her floofiness and face remind anyone else of Mirabelle?


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So Many Adoptions!

Since I last wrote 2 weeks ago, we have had SO many adoptions!

Every single Spartan was adopted (each went to a separate home).

Caroline went home with her new mama.

Maverick went home with his new mama and a kitty from another one of our foster homes.

Miami went home last night with his new family.

Palmetto should be picked up by her new family tonight.

My math skills tell me that is 7 adoptions in 2 weeks!
Adoptions mean there are new fosters in the house!  But before you meet the new ones, let me remind you of the 2 fosters you already know and love who are still here:

Sweeney and Ebony.  These boys have really blossomed with the change of foster room residents!  Can’t wait to introduce you to the new additions!


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Sweeney and Maverick have been in the foster room together for about 7 months now.  I think  you can definitely say they’ve become pals!

I hope we can find these guys a home.  They deserve it!  Maverick is the gentlest soul.  And Sweeney cracks me up everyday with his playful antics.  Someone come and adopt them soon!

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Panther Photos


A few more photos of the darling Panther litter currently in the foster room!





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Meet the Panthers

These are the kittens who arrived at my house a week ago!  Goodness, they are sweet bunch!  I named them in honor of the endangered Florida Panther, giving them southern Florida city names.  Let me introduce:

Palmetto (Girl)

Kendall (Girl)

Miami (Boy) (he wasn’t being cooperative for photos!)

I put the blue collar on him to make it easier to tell him and Palmetto apart!

They are about 13 weeks old and were just spayed/neutered yesterday.   Adoptions have been slow-my Spartan girls are still at Petco!  I thought they’d be snatched up in second!  So these little ones may be a round a while longer.  Caroline certainly doesn’t mind-she is bathing and mothering these kittens just like the last group!  I’m going to SO miss her help after she leaves next week!!


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Guess Who Found Herself a Home

Sweet Caroline. She goes to her forever home next Friday!!



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